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Brown Spice Boutique Brown Spice Boutique (Pty) Ltd (Brown Spice) is 100% Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) woman-owned company, founded in October 2007 by Christina Pearl Wiese. The creative industries sector has the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of the South African economy. However, in order to do this, several challenges in this industr and its subsectors need to be addressed.
ENZO BARNABA' - He is a well well known writer in Italy and lives now one kilometer from Mortola. Enzo has written books about italian and french immigration after the second world war as well as some fascinating novels.

JEMgraphics Media Center: JEMgraphics is a digital content production(multi-media) company that specializes in combining graphics, photography and video content in such a way as to give your project a distinctive look and feel that will help promote your business.